Long Term RV and Boat Storage

In addition to all of our other amenities and services, we offer long term RV and boat storage with a perk you won’t find at any other RV storage facility. When you park your RV at Campers Paradise RV Park, the cost is $65 a month, plus any electric you might use.

Can I Still Use It?

Absolutely. Say you live in the DFW area and want to get away from the metroplex for the weekend. You simply come on out and stay, just paying a low daily rate. When the weekend is over, you lock the door and drive away, knowing that your RV is safe and secure.

Attention Winter Texans or Snowbirds

How much do you spend each fall and spring to haul your RV back and forth from Texas to Iowa, Montana, or anywhere in the chilly northern states? Would it save wear and tear onĀ  your RV and your tow vehicle, if you could simply park your RV in an active RV park for the summer and then pick it up on your way through in the fall? Then consider our long term RV and boat storage deal.

Another Great Perk of Our Long Term RV and Boat Storage

long term rv and boat storage poolGrandparents, We Got a Great Pool!

Want a great place to take the grandkids swimming, yet have all the amenities of home? Come out for the weekend or even a week at a time during the summer. Or let family come out and use your RV and just pay the regular daily or weekly rate. You don’t have to worry about the RV being towed or driven by an inexperienced driver, when it’s already parked and hooked up. All your guests have to do is pull up, unload and then head on over to the sparkling pool.

Forgot the kids’ floaties and swim goggles? No worries, we carry a variety of pool accessories, as well as soda, snacks and ice cream.

What About the Boat?

Again, you don’t want to or don’t have room to park your boat in your yard and don’t really like the idea of a regular storage facility, then consider parking it with us. You pay a simple monthly fee of $65, and if you wish to pick it up for a weekend on one of the nearby lakes, then you will have saved some miles of towing.

If our long-term RV and boat storage sounds like the solution you’ve been looking for, call us today: