Frequently Asked Questions

Here are just a few of the Frequently Asked Questions about Campers Paradise RV Park, our policies, our facilities, and amenities.

checkouttimeWhat is checkout time?

We ask that overnight guest depart by 12:00 pm. If you need to stay a bit later, please make arrangements through the office


Frequently Asked Questions about Reservations

What is the best way to make a reservation?

Please call Campers Paradise RV Park at 940-872-2429. If it is after hours, please leave a clear message with your name and phone number and someone will get back to you shortly.

What’s your payment policy?

A payment of 100% of reservation fee is required at time of booking. Advanced payments by phone are always paid by credit card. By providing a credit card number, you are authorizing Campers Paradise to bill your credit card for the full amount of the reservation, including any costs accrued while at the park, and outstanding balances not paid at the time of departure.

What’s your Reservation Cancellation Policy?

Cancellations are subject to a minimum $10 Cancellation fee. In addition, Cancellations made within 7 days of scheduled check-in are subject to a penalty equal to one (1) day’s reservation fee. Please contact Campers Paradise for Cancellations or to make any Changes to your Reservation.

What’s your Change Policy?

No service charges are applied for changes to this reservation.

What’s the longest rig-length you can take?

45 foot

Do you accept dogs?

We do accept most dogs, with a few exceptions. If you have questions regarding your dog’s acceptance, then please call ahead. We do ask that you do not leave your dog unattended outside of your rig and that you keep your dog on a leash at all time outside of your rig. We do provide a dog walk area, and request that you clean up after your dog.

Frequently Asked Questions About Services

Do you have cable or satellite television service?

Cable or satellite television service is not provided by the park. If you have your own satellite, be do have sites clear of any obstructions to reception.

 Will I be able to watch movies or play games on your WI-FI?

While our FREE WI-FI is great for browsing and checking your email or Facebook, there is not enough bandwidth to let people watch movies or play games, which use up a lot of bandwidth.

 What is Cellphone Service like?

Cellphone service is excellent.

Can I get my mail there?

Extended stay residents are welcome to have their mail sent here.

 Does UPS or Fed Ex deliver there?

Yes. If you are not an extended-stay resident, and are expecting a package, please let the office know

Do you sell propane?

We do have a propane filling station and certified technicians. Please be aware that if your bottles are older than 10 year on the day you request a fill, that according to the law we cannot fill your bottles. You will need to replace your bottles with new ones.

Do you sell ice?

Yes. We sell bagged ice.

Frequently Asked Questions About Local Amenities

How far from the nearest shopping and restaurants?

The town of Bowie is about five miles away. There you will find a Wal-Mart and several restaurants, including some fast food. For a larger selection of stores and restaurants, we are 30 minutes from Decatur, or within an hour’s drive of Denton and North Ft. Worth to the south, or Wichita Falls to the north.